A Few Quiet Yarns

AFQY has run No Selling Technology networking events for 12 years; connecting the tech industry through authentic conversations.

What's it all about?

A Few Quiet Yarns has run for 12+ years bringing together a cross section of the tech industry from End User to Vendor, from CIO to Account Exec and everyone in between - in a relaxed networking environment, created by the 3 rules below that focus on "Meet the person, not the suit":

"No Selling" (You can talk concepts, but not pricing and product names)"No giving your card out" (You can be asked after a yarn)"You can't ask what someone does til the 3rd question" (Find out about the person first)

We employ the principles of gamification - break the rule, earn the consequence of being walked out with a "Red card" and equally good behaviour can earn you Life Membership

 Event Format:

5.30 The Bar Tab opens

As you enter - find Ryan, show your ticket get a stamp on your hand

6pm Official Welcome and introduction of everyone to everybody - or some variation of this - 10min

7pm We invite guests from the audience up - to briefly introduce who they have met tonight


Misti Landtroop from Palo Alto Networks

James Dickinson from Unisphere Solutions


Annual Partners:

John Eccles from Magnetism

Chandan Ohri from DUCO Consultancy


Venue Sponsor:

Brett O'Riley and the EMA



NO-selling: No pitching, presenting, talking product or pricing - but you can talk about concepts.

Check out what the media say:

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AFQY explained

AFQY is a Community

I invite you to bring others with you and join the group here on Linked In to gain notifications of further events.

Join the mailing list www.afqy.co.nz/sign-up

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at "A Few Quiet Yarns".

Ryan AshtonChief Yarner Founder AFQY


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Thursday 30 Jul
5:30pm - 7:30pm

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