A New Beginning: Purpose-driven, Resilient and Adaptable with Business 4.0™

Technology Disruptions in the New Normal

What's it all about?

The technology pillars of Business 4.0, namely cloud, intelligence, automation and agility will continue to drive enterprises towards growth and transformation in the long term. In the medium term, as organisations cope with the pandemic, they need to focus on the more urgent imperatives of ensuring resilience and adaptability. It is also important to reflect on their purpose as a business. This will drive innovation and catalyse a new beginning. 

This panel will discuss the lessons and strategies for Navigating the New Beginning by Building Resilience and Adapting to Innovative Business Models, offering insights on how businesses are building adaptability in their own industry contexts.



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Tuesday 28 Jul
4:15pm - 5:00pm

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K Ananth Krishnan

Chief Technology Officer, Tata Consultancy Services

Ananth directs Research, Innovation and Co-Innovation in TCS. Under his leadership, TCS has created a significant range of new products and services with a wide IP portfolio. Ananth has architected an agile model for innovation at scale, across the entire organization.

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Liz Gosling

Chief Information Officer, AUT

Liz has worked in the IT industry for more than three decades, in New Zealand, the US, UK and Europe, in a variety of roles in commercial and not for profit organisations, and in both vendors and client companies.   

She is currently the Chief Information Officer at Auckland University of Technology.  She leads a team of 170 people, and is responsible for information technology provision for AUT’s nearly 30,000 staff and students, including 6,500 + desktop and laptop computers, IT and Digital plans, networking, audio visual services, innovation, contracts and software licensing, customer relationships and support services, as well as the development teams and infrastructure. 

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Prof Guy Littlefair

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology.

Professor Guy Littlefair is the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology. Iternationally regarded as an authority in the field of machining. Professor Littlefair has led research teams in England, Australia and now in New Zealand, focusing on the machinability of materials. In these leadership capacities, Professor Littlefair has worked with some of the world’s most innovative research-led manufacturing organizations, including Rolls Royce, DeBeers, Toyota and Land Rover.

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Host - Maggie Eyre

Director of Fresh Eyre

Maggie is the Director of Fresh Eyre, a niche training company specialising in teaching presentation and media skills. A presentation trainer, stylist, and media advisor to former Prime Minister Helen Clark, her work has been recognized in Time Magazine and in international media including the United Kingdom, China, Canada and Dubai. She has also worked as an account director for top Public Relations firm Acumen Republic - heading up their presentation and media brand, Encore.

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