Blockchain Meetup @AUT(online)

Join a great line-up of panel speakers to explore Blockchain through a lens of uncertainty

What's it all about?

This Blockchain Meetup aims to provide an opportunity to share and develop skills and knowledge in a collaborative environment. Acting as a physical social network the Meetup provides connections between talent, technology, and knowledge to build the collective capabilities of the community.

The event will explore a theme of uncertainty. Uncertainty about who is doing what with our data, our financial future and privacy, and the role blockchain is going to play. 

The event will feature a conversation with our panel speakers, followed by Q&A and networking.

This event is hosted by AUT’s Computer and Mathematical Sciences department.

You can drop into this event at any time.


Monday 27 Jul
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Free event
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Janine Grainger

Co-Founder, Easy Crypto

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Rigel Walshe

Fullstack Dev, International Man of Deathmetal Mystery

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Samuel Dobson

Cryptography PhD student / Bitcoin Dev

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Sai Honig

Co-founder of NZ Network for Women in Security

Originally from the United States, Sai Honig is a multipotentialite who has worked in differing roles in various industries. Prior to working in information security, Sai worked as a design engineer in the aerospace industry and worked on projects in the commercial, defense and space programs. Sai's IT experience is in the governance, audit, supply chain, risk management, and security of IT. Her industrial experience includes manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

Sai has volunteered for Grameen Foundation offering her skills and knowledge in internal auditing and IT operations. This foundation's global efforts in microfinance and alternative methods of assisting those to access capital in order to improve their lives, their families and their communities. Sai's proudest moment was when her volunteer efforts were recognized with The President's Volunteer Service Award in May 2013 from then President Barack Obama.

Moving to New Zealand in 2014, Sai has worked healthcare and financial services industries. Her interest in cloud technologies has included a chapter on cloud governance in "Cloud Security Ecosystem" and participation in writing various white papers. She has expanded her interests into blockchain as an enabling technology.

Sai also speaks to small businesses about their need to be vigilant as they are often the most vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and may not be aware of it. She is also mentoring students and others.

Sai is co-founder of NZ Network for Women in Security. This group provides a forum for who are currently working in cybersecurity are interested in cybersecurity.

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Jeff Nijsse


Jeff has been teaching math and phyiscs for a while, and teaching blockchain for a bit less. He will be hosting this panel discussion on some of the hot crypto topics of the hour.

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