Techweek TV: Chorus analyse change in behaviours since Covid-19

How do we keep people connected in a recession?

What's it all about?

Chorus is building a network for the future. Covid-19 rapidly brought the future to us with an increased need for quality broadband with the sudden need to work from home. Broadband at home has usually focused on entertainment but we have seen a change in consumer behaviours throughout lockdown to expand this rapidly into other areas of our lives as we build towards a digital society. As well as a continued gateway for entertainment we saw the importance of internet for both working and living. The future of work has changed and organisations and kiwis are co-creating what this looks like moving forward.


This Techweek TV session looks at Education & How do we keep people connected in a recession / with high unemployment rates

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Friday 31 Jul
10:30am - 11:00am

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Steve Pettigrew

Head of External Communications

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Carina Willis

Head of Insights at Chorus

Carina Willis is passionate about using consumer knowledge to drive business growth and development. Her desire to understand the role of technology in the lives of every day kiwis underpins her role as Consumer Insight Lead at Chorus.
Carina’s background includes over 15 years’ experience in insights and market research with various retail and FMCG companies in New Zealand.

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