Code Avengers LIVE in your Class

LIVE in-class workshop for Years 5-9 students. We explore Science in Coding and Impacts of Computing. Join us with your whole Class!

What's it all about?

Code Avengers will be hosting a LIVE walkthrough of two of our newest courses! We encourage students and teachers to join us on their own devices, in their own classrooms the Code Avengers teamwork through the activities, answer questions, explain the concepts and have some fun together.


Session 1: Impact of Computing | Tuesday 28th July, 10:30 am

The course is designed to introduce some core concepts in being safe online, digital citizenship and cybersecurity. An effective way to introduce these topics into a Year 6-9 class, and if you are joining us live, we would love feedback and questions.

Join Niko and Sakura on their virtual reality journey to Tubrosos Castle. Be a gray-hat hacker and help Cyrena, the elfin wizard, capture the Crown of Knowledge. You will expose the castle's poor authentication systems and learn how to avoid being a victim of a social engineering scam.


Session 2: Science in Coding (Data Representation 4) | Thursday 30th July, 10:30 am

This course will explore science topics of light/colour and sound and how we use coding to record, store and use these information sources in everyday computing applications.

Professor Photon is a highly regarded physicist gone rogue. She has eliminated colour from all digital devices! In this Escape Room style project, the learner joins Marlee and Tyrell as they learn about binary numbers, light, colour, and more to unravel Professor Photon's Colour Conundrum and restore colour to the world's devices.


How to join?

This year we are hosting the workshops LIVE on our Youtube Channel.  Just follow us on our Youtube channel and tune in for the LIVE event. Link below.

There is no cost to join, and no registration.  

During the LIVE event, we welcome your questions, comments or just saying HI!

View the event website for more information.

You can drop into this event at any time.

This event does not require registration.

Tuesday 28 Jul
10:30am - 11:30am

Thursday 30 Jul
10:30am - 11:30am

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Hannah Taylor

Product Manager

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Sarah Cooper

Course Developer

Sarah trained as a Digital Technologies specialist teacher in the UK before moving to New Zealand in 2007. She was the Head of Digital Technologies at Tawa College in Wellington for 6 years. Sarah joined Code Avengers in 2017 and is a thought leader in Computational Thinking.

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Arahi Hippolite

Customer Success Manager

Arahi has a passion for tech, especially the applications of tech into business, education, industry and recreation. His background is in business development and marketing, and has been with Code Avengers for 2 years as part of the education and business team.


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