Techweek TV: Demystifying Callaghan Innovation’s Technology Incubator Programme

What's it all about?

In April 2020, Callaghan Innovation launched a new and improved Tech Incubator Programme providing deep-tech startups with commercialisation support, global and local connections, and access to investment. The four Callaghan Innovation Technology Incubator partners are Brandon Capital, Bridgewest Ventures, Sprout Agritech and WNT Ventures.
The Tech Incubator Programme is committed to fund up to $160 million to deep-tech startups over the next eight years. Join the session to find out more about the Technology Incubator Programme and what the Technology Incubator Partners are looking for when making investment decisions.

This Techweek TV session is a must watch for deep-tech entrepreneurs, universities, investors (angel and VCs) and experts in deep tech.

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Thursday 30 Jul
12:30pm - 1:00pm

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Mitali Purohit

Senior Technology Incubator Specialist, Callaghan Innovation

Mitali is a Technology Incubator Specialist at Callaghan Innovation, overseeing commercialisation of deep technologies through the technology incubator programme. Mitali has experience in early-stage investment and commercialisation of technologies in both the private and public sectors, specifically in agbio, biotechnology and engineering.
Mitali has extensive experience in deep technology ventures, having previously worked for Icehouse Ventures, NZ’s largest angel investor, Pacific Channel, a biosciences investment firm, and AUT Ventures, a commercialisation arm of AUT University. She’s passionate about working with ventures that have a strong social and environmental impact, and is a staunch supporter of female entrepreneurship

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Warren Bebb

Investment Manager, Sprout Agritech

Warren Bebb is investment manager at Sprout Agritech, a business accelerator designed to fund the next generation of global agritech & future food entrepreneurs. Warren has many years’ of experience creating and developing business opportunities, having founded, and worked in and with startups since 2004. From 2013 to 2019, Warren was chief executive of BioLumic, an agritech startup that increases crop yields by using its ultraviolet light technology at the crop’s early growth stage. He led BioLumic from pre-seed stage through to the Series A round, raising more than $14 million in funding.

Prior to that, Warren worked as a business growth advisor at the BCC, a business development partner for startups, mentoring new businesses and providing early-stage investment advice

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John Robson

General Manager, Bridgewest Ventures

John is an executive at Bridgewest Group and is General Manager of Bridgewest Ventures NZ. Prior to moving to NZ in 2002, John was a portfolio manager in London’s Merril Lynch specialist investment team, where he managed more than US$6 billion of equity and bond investments for public investment funds. Since then, he’s held senior roles across technology, finance, and strategy, including Head of Investments for the National Bank Private Bank and Head of Emerging Technology for ANZ. For the past 12 years he’s been largely involved in strategy and finance as the CFO for multiple NZ software and technology startups. John is on the board of the One Percent Collective, a charity that strives to make a difference by encouraging people to donate 1% of their income to charity.

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Carl Jones

CEO, WNT Ventures

Carl is the founding CEO of WNT Ventures, having joined in December 2014. Carl has more than/"xperience in investment, finance, funds management and venture capital in the UK and NZ at ASB Bank, Craigs IP, Ruffer Asset Management (UK), Summit Capital, McConnell Group and NZ Growth Capital Partners (formerly NZVIF).
Carl manages day-to-day operations at WNT and plays a key role in sourcing and structuring investments, capital raising, deal negotiation and closing, and leading and supporting portfolio management.

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Duncan Mackintosh

Investment Manager, Brandon Capital

Duncan is an Investment Manager at Brandon Capital. Duncan has more than 18 years’ experience in technology commercialisation and is a self-confessed startup junkie. He has a diverse background, having trained as a veterinarian, and later as a healthcare investor and founder. He’s a trained veterinarian, healthcare investor and founder. Duncan is proud to be part of Brandon Capital and the MRCF, a premier life science venture capital fund, investing to change patient lives.

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