Techweek TV: Empower through design: how technology and design can combat domestic violence

Our panelists discuss the role of technology in domestic abuse and how organisations can step up to create safer digital environments.

What's it all about?

Technology-facilitated abuse is a challenging issue, and there is no simple solution to eliminate it. However, by making subtle decisions—balancing intended with unintended consequences—it is possible to design technology to be resistant to it. Our panelists discuss the role of technology in domestic abuse and how organisations can step up to create safer digital environments. 

This Techweek TV session is aimed at anyone who designs and creates digital services, as well as everyday people who want to know more about domestic violence in the digital space.

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Friday 31 Jul
9:00am - 9:30am

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Lesley Nuttall

Technologist and author of the IBM Policy Lab’s Five Technology Design Principles to Combat Domestic Abuse

Lesley works in IBM Security Expert Labs liaising closely with customers from a range of industries, offering technical guidance and advice. She has spent time in the technical support trenches, been parachuted onto numerous sites to troubleshoot critical deployment issues and worked on projects. Lesley's career has always had a technical focus, but at its core is helping others - which is what drew her to become co-author of the Coercive Control Resistant Design paper. The paper posits that technology created with an eye towards how perpetrators could leverage it to cause real-world harm enables us to harness innovation while limiting unintended consequences – shaping lives and society for the better.

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Kara-dee Morden

National Trainer, Shine

Kara-dee Morden has worked with Shine since 2013. As National Trainer, Kara-dee develops and delivers training in the community and is involved in the Violence Intervention Programme (VIP) at District Health Boards across New Zealand. Kara-dee also co-facilitates a group for Shine’s 'No Excuses' stopping violence programme. She has many years of experience working with victims of abuse, including as counsellor, refuge worker, crisis advocate, programme facilitator, inter-agency coordinator and trainer both in New Zealand and in her native Canada. Kara-dee has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

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Erin Ebborn

Director and Principal Lawyer, Portia

Erin Ebborn is Director and Principal Lawyer of Ebborn Law Limited (trading as Portia). Her career in law has spanned 20 years and she is regarded as a highly-skilled senior member of the family bar.
Erin has served as an executive officer of the NZ Law Society Family Law Section and the Women’s Consultative Group. Erin has moved into a legal management role within Portia, mentoring and supporting junior lawyers and managing a burgeoning legal team.
She was a contributor to the recently-released book Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand and her career reflects a commitment to a feminist approach to law, in particular providing equality of arms and access to justice for vulnerable members of society.

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