Entrepreneur Stories - From Devonport to the World

5 entrepreneurs discuss their journeys from startup to exit and everything in-between

What's it all about?

If you're looking to start a tech business or are part-way through your journey then you'll get something out of this session. We've got 5 entrepreneurs that have been there done that, through multiple software and hardware businesses. Topics will include:

Product market fit: How do you find the big idea and validate it? How do you get your first customer?

Go to market: How do you distribute and price your product? How do you replicate the sales process?

Financing: Should you bootstrap? How do you raise money? When should you raise money?

IP: Should you protect your IP? When do you spend time and money on this? Patents?

Advice: What advisors do you listen to? Should you join an incubator? How does government fit in?

Exit: How do you find potential buyers?  What's a typical deal look like?


You should be present for the whole duration of this event.


Tuesday 28 Jul
5:00pm - 7:30pm

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Rich Chetwynd

Director of Product Management

Rich Chetwynd is 2 for 2 on seeing tech startups through to acquisition. He started Litmos.com in the first wave of the SaaS revolution, a learning management platform that is now owned by SAP. Then went on to found Revert.io which pivoted to ThisData.com and was acquired by OneLogin.

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Simon Lampen

Founder and CEO

Simon is the founder of Vinsight, a SaaS business running production, inventory and sales for companies in the wine and beverage sectors. Simon has started and run several businesses with responsibilities that have required being a CFO, Winemaker, Systems Architect and Programmer (and cleaner).

Andrew Wigney

Founder and CEO

Andrew has founded two hardware design and manufacturing companies with multiple patents and global product distribution across 10000 stores.

Narly Kalupahana

Founder and Partner

In 2014 Narly co-founded boutique IP law firm Potter IP Limited, which in 2016 developed and launched the world’s first fully-automated self-service trademark filing portal. He then co-founded Sortify.tm, creating a new product category in the trademark law space.

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Cameron Beattie

Founder and CEO

Cameron Beattie is the founder and CEO of Raytio, New Zealand’s first commercially-focussed digital identity and services marketplace platform. Cameron founded two previous SaaS businesses including Conversant, one of New Zealand’s first VOIP service providers which was acquired in 2017.


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