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What is digital geography and how can you use it? Let’s discuss geospatial data, remote sensing and GeoAI!

What's it all about?

Advances in earth observation data from satellites, planes and drones have opened up a world of opportunity in the digital geography space, and we want to tell you about it: What is digital geography? How is it changing the way we do business, and why should you care? Come answer these questions and learn how Orbica is turning data into wisdom by combining the best of geoprocessing with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to extract and classify features of the earth’s surface from 3-band imagery. We call it GeoAI.

You’ll also learn about how we can use remote sensing and geospatial AI to better understand how our actions are impacting land and environmental change, we’ll give you real-life examples of data visualisation and GeoAI, and leave you with some practical skills and insights into how geospatial tech is helping organisations better understand their business and make better decisions.


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Thursday 30 Jul
11:00am - 12:30pm

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Sagar Soni

Data Scientist

Sagar is a data scientist and an AI specialist with an MTech in IT. His enthusiasm for the deep space of data sends him exploring for hidden treasures using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. It takes several wind farms to power his GPUs, but he's developed some impressive stuff.

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Dr Kurt Joy

Remote Sensing Specialist

Dr. Kurt Joy has a PhD in geology from the University of Canterbury and is one hyper-spectrally talented dude. He's spent a lot of time leading Antarctic research quantifying human impact on sensitive soils of Antarctica's Dry Valley using UAV mapping and remote sensing.

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