Exploring the VR world in creative writing - a working session.

Co-create a novel that taps into the world of VR and the Darknet.

What's it all about?

Scott Butler’s first home was on an air-force base in Blenheim, New Zealand. His love of books came from the birthday gift his father continues to give him every year. Scott works in advertising. He writes novels, short stories and blogs about original ideas he wants to share. He also is available to write content for corporates.

In this working session, Scott is seeking ideas/contributions from technologists, Sci-Fi enthusiasts and VR specialists in the development of his third novel. He'll be joined by award-winning screenwriter, playwright and founder of the Writing Room - Kathryn Burnett as Moderator.

Outline of the session:

- Introduction to Scott, his writing journey, the authors and films that inspire his work: Iain M Banks, Steven King, Neil Gaiman, Tron, Ready Player One.

- Feedback from the audience on what inspires them in the Book / Film VR space. Who's doing it well? 

 - Synopsis / Reading from the working draft novel - 'Stalker.'

 - Audience Q+A discussion/idea contribution to the journey of the main character (Elias Dunn)   towards self-actualisation, and what the VR world could look like.

 - Wrap Up & Giveaway - chance to win a printed copy of Scott's latest novel 'The Security.' 




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Thursday 30 Jul
7:00pm - 8:00pm

Free event
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Scott Butler


Scott Butler is the author of two novels, his first, 'Drive,' was published in 2015 and more recently, 'The Security,' published in 2020. Developing his third novel will be the focus of this session. He's a fan of thrillers, loves film, books, the surf and snow.

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Kathryn Burnett

Writer, Teacher, Writing Coach

Kathryn is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright and facilitator of cool writing workshops. She is the creator of the Writing Room. https://www.beginnersguidewritingworkshops.com/

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