Techweek TV: Filling the talent pipeline for tech & delivering the ‘right’ people

What role do tech businesses need to play in developing the next generation? Or is this (just) an education sector issue?

What's it all about?

This discussion follows on from the recent launch of SIGNAL ICT Grad School's legacy report "Horizons 2020: Trends in Technology Education", on what we need to do to evolve technology education to better serve a future New Zealand and future New Zealanders. Touching on a wider range of areas, particularly diversity and inclusion, how do we attract young people into tech, how do we train them and how to we bring them into our organisations. 
In a COVID world it is also about growing local talent as we can’t necessarily bring international migrants in to fill gaps. NZ’s demographics are changing, what impact does that have? What role do tech businesses need to play in developing the next generation, or is this (just) an education sector issue?

This session will appeal to company leaders; recruiting managers (and those who support them); educators; policy advisors.

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Friday 31 Jul
3:00pm - 3:30pm

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Stuart Charters

Director, SIGNAL ICT Graduate School

Stuart is an experienced educator and academic who loves to tinker. He enjoys varied research interests broadly springing from his fascination with how humans use technology to solve problems. As Director of SIGNAL ICT Graduate School, he has first hand experience of building an environment supporting students to learn collaboratively in an applied context - and the powerful impact that this can create. This has led him to understand that the value of tertiary education does not lie predominantly in content but in the opportunity to interact and apply those learnings.

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Martyn Rivett

Director, Principal, Propeller

Martyn is an independent advisor, strategist and future thinker who has spent too much of his life in front of a screen. The only common threads of a varied 25 year career as a technology and management professional have been complementary obsessions for breaking new ground and hands on technology problem solving - in both senses of solving problems with tech. After a late realisation that it's actually all about people, he now spends his time trying to make things a little better for humans by helping organisations choose, plan, implement and manage technology and processes in better ways.

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