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The way we work is changing. FUN at work gives us connection and creativity, and simply a break!

What's it all about?

Finish your busy week with some fun!

The recent rapid shift to new ways of working has highlighted how much we need to stop sometimes and have fun together.

Fun is a way of managing and improving our emotions. It is proven to enhance teamwork, build trusting relationships, and increase creativity for innovation.

So how can we bring fun into the workplace in small practical ways that you can repeat with your teammates?

This lab is not about telling jokes or making others laugh. We use creativity, spontaneity, and teamwork in an enjoyable way. You will have fun together, get switched-on, and connected.

This lab helps:

-       build effective communication and connection

-       develop story-telling skills

-       get better at experimenting

-       taking risks

Simply: improve the ability to innovate, be agile, creative, and collaborative whilst having a great time together.

Great for techies and innovators, team leads and coaches, change catalysts, facilitators, students and really everyone who loves to live and laugh


Stephen Hollins - improv facilitator, clown doctor and poet - and Sandra Otto - workplace innovation catalyst and playfulness advocate –  from the Future of Work Collective, part of Enspiral right here in NZ where techies and change-makers dream, play, work and learn together.


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All sessions:

- are free or offer sponsored pricing. We thank those who sponsor others currently on a low income!

- include free access to an online Future of Work playbook

- offer 15% discount vouchers to Enspiral’s book “Better Work Together

You should be present for the whole duration of this event.


Friday 31 Jul
3:30pm - 5:00pm

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Stephen Hollins

Future of Work Catalyst and Game Master

My purpose is to open hearts through playfulness for people to engage more happily with life.
I'm passionate about bringing mindfulness and enlivened expression to people through the arts.

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Sandra Otto

Co-Founder and Future of Work Catalyst

Sandra draws on 25 years of international experience in high tech innovation and transformation from startups to corporations.
She lives on Waiheke and co-founded the Future of Work Collective, specialised in Design, Consulting, Facilitation, Training and Talks related to the Future of Work.

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