Groundswell Masterminds - A Masterclass by Ange Wallace

The art of client feedback.
Get uncomfortable by diving deep into client feedback and transform your business

What's it all about?

Hosted by Venture Centre, this online Masterclass with Ange Wallace, Director of What Lies Beneath, will take you on a deep dive to learn the art of client feedback. It is designed to help you understand why and how to introduce client feedback strategically into your business.

Ultimately business owners want to get to The Guts of their clients’ experience so they can make improvements.

Getting to ‘The Guts’ requires having in-depth feedback and discussing it with your team, which is what we will cover in this session.

1. Evidence – the framework for talking to your clients and capturing what they say
2. Empathy – summarising the conversations to share with your team

I will also:

- answer your curly questions, address objections about feedback and provide examples of specific situations
- share our framework for in-house feedback with a workbook to takeaway
- demonstrate how I call clients for feedback 
- share how feedback I received transformed my business and set us on the path of massive growth

This masterclass is designed for:

- Businesses who have in-depth, ongoing and/or high value relationships with their clients
- GM’s and CEO’s and Business owners of all sized companies
- Marketing managers
- Staff suitable to be making the calls to your clients for feedback


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Tuesday 28 Jul
3:00pm - 4:00pm

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Ange Wallace

Director, What Lies Beneath, Client feedback – with depth

"17 years in the export arena and a frustration with how few companies were able to access client feedback - with depth, led me to start What Lies Beneath. I created this business mindfully so I am free to live my life the way I choose while providing impeccable service and value to our clients."

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This event uses an external ticketing provider. You will be redirected to their ticketing system once you click to book.

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