Techweek TV: Health Informatics for current and future pandemics

Better outcomes for patients through usability, data security, and robust technology.

What's it all about?

Welcome - Professor Guy Littlefair will welcome everyone to AUT's City Campus. He will talk about why now more than ever technology is so important, and how education that looks at technological advance for the benefit of all has never been more vital.

Health Informatics - Most New Zealanders would assume that having been assigned a National Health Identification (NHI) number, their health data would be readily accessible to health professionals caring for them, whether they be in primary health or DHB specialists. Professor Dave Parry, head of computer sciences in AUT’s School of Engineering, Maths and Computer Sciences, puts paid to that misconception.  

Professor Parry will talk about usability being a crucial part of people using health related apps, the importance of data security, and the need for robust technology to support better outcomes for patients every day and to ensure New Zealand can cope with the demands of health data and communication in future pandemics. 

This Techweek TV session is aimed at apps related to the health industry, data security

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Tuesday 28 Jul
9:00am - 9:30am

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Prof Dave Parry

Head of Computer Sciences, School of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Professor Dave Parry is the head of department of Computer Science at AUT and executive director of KEDRI. His research is concerned with the broad areas of Health Informatics and usability, in particular the capture and use of information and knowledge from novel sources in order to understand healthcare processes and improve decision-making. 
Disaster ehealth (DeH) is an area of recent interest, especially in terms of the support that existing mobile devices could give to healthcare after a disaster and the concept of a DeH appliance. Dave has led successful applications for funding to enable international collaborations in this area, totalling more than $180,000.  
During the COVID-19 pandemic Dave has been an expert voice on issues surrounding contact tracing, including data security and usability. 

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Prof Guy Littlefair

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean for the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies (DCT)

Professor Guy Littlefair is a Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean for the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies (DCT) at Auckland University of Technology.  
The DCT Faculty has a unique interdisciplinary focus on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, which connect the core themes of design and creative technology. 
Previously Professor Littlefair had been the Dean of Engineering in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and the Built Environment at Deakin University in Australia since 2011. Combined with an academic career spanning 25 years, Guy has also had the opportunity to spend time in industry, most recently at Navman where he oversaw the integration of the Mercury Marine business when the company was acquired by the Brunswick Group. 

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