IF passion = gaming THEN career = programmer

Why give up your passion to gain a career? Code Avengers and GameTan invite you to discuss with us those careers that NEED a gaming passion.

What's it all about?

Have a passion in gaming but not quite sure on your next steps?

Join Raynor Cocker, Founder and CEO of GameTan as he talks with Arahi Hippolite of Code Avengers about the career pathways that are waiting for our gamers.

We will be chatting together about the skills needed, the jobs waiting, the biggest opportunities out there, and the main challenges that face our young people (and young at heart people).

This is an on-going conversation that you are invited to join us, add your voice, and together we can encourage growth in our people and success in their lives.

But who is GameTan or Code Avengers?

GameTan is an Auckland based organisation whose vision is to give New Zealanders prosperous opportunities and career pathways to do what they're passionate about in gaming and STEAM.

Code Avengers is a Hamilton based organisation whose vision is to provide confidence in the digital world so that no one is left behind.

So how do I join in the conversation?

We will be hosting the conversation on both the Code Avengers and GameTan Facebook pages. You are welcome to come and listen, chat, ask for shout-out, or lurk and soak it all in.

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Wednesday 29 Jul
12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Arahi Hippolite

Customer Success Manager

Arahi has a passion for tech, especially the applications of tech into business, education, industry and recreation. His background is in business development and marketing, and has been with Code Avengers for 2 years as part of the education and business team. Oh, and he's a Gamer.

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Raynor Cocker

Founder and CEO

Ray believes in the power of a person to grow and succeed. Ray founded GameTan with the vision of helping others to grow to their potential. You can frequently find Ray absorbed in a community project. He is also an avid gamer.


12:00 pm, Wednesday 29th July
IF passion == gaming THEN career = programmer
Code Avengers and GameTan discuss Gamer Careers
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