Impact of Access Needs Day One: Visual

This first webinar in Access Advisor's access series is focused on making a user friendly experience for those with visual access needs.

What's it all about?

This webinar, the first in the series, will help you learn about visual access needs. After this webinar, you will understand more about what makes a more user-friendly experience for those who face visual access needs in their day to day life.


Human beings rely heavily on vision to get information from our environment, including information from the Internet. When considering accessibility one of the first access needs that comes to mind are those that relate to vision. But many people are unaware of the true extent of the issues and how to address them.

Almost 4% of the New Zealand population is registered as Blind or Low Vision. But on top of that, there are many other New Zealanders who have some form of vision impairment. This includes people with colour deficiencies, deteriorating eyesight due to age, extreme near or farsightedness and those who have had devastating eye injuries. There are also people with temporary or situational visual access needs including people in low light or high glare and those with eye injuries or illness.

The impact of visual impairment on technology use can range from struggling to read the text when it is too small, to being blocked from using a website because you don’t know what is on the screen. Providing better access to technology for people with visual access needs ranges from making text bigger to coding the website in the right way so that assistive technology can read out the information to a blind user.

Learn more about having a visual impairment

Discuss the impact of visual impairment on technology

Have a demo of Assistive technology for accessing the Internet and apps

Identify some design and development consideration

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Monday 27 Jul
2:00pm - 3:00pm

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