Invented Again: Test Ideas to Succeed Faster

Have an idea? Test it before you spend! Join us on this Podcast and IP Snap gameshow to validate start-ups and ideas quickly

What's it all about?

Join Matt Sagen and Kristian Slack from the Invented Again podcast at Do Box in New Plymouth for a fun hour about innovation, investment, and those parts of human nature that slow (or even stop) successful ventures. 

Have your own idea and want to get the chance to test it fast with our two experts? "IP Snaps" are for you - head to the Invented Again website and fill in the form prior to this session and be up for some intense discussions.

No Idea? No problem! Matt and Kristian will be demonstrating how big the opportunity is to become top-notch "Lookers" and build a business around that skill as well as around opportunities that they uncover through the Process. 

They will cover:

 - 2-3 IP Snaps

 - Limitations of the current innovation ecosystem and mindset and how to overcome them

 - The Principles that make for a good "looker" and delve a bit deeper into what constitutes a code of ethical behaviour ( AKA The Charter)

 - How to make Innovation Events more effective by "being evergreen" rather than "cramming" 


Places are limited so registration is essential.


*If you can't be there, you don't have to miss out: we will be live streaming this event on the Venture Taranaki Facebook page so you can join us virtually!

You should be present for the whole duration of this event.


Friday 31 Jul
12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Matt Sagen

Honest Technologist

Originally from California, Matt is an experienced Head of Product, software developer, UI designer, and researcher. He also co-founded and runs Taranaki Technology, a group of 500 tech enthusiasts across NZ. Having recently left the NZ legal startup Automio, which he co-founded, in good hands, he is focused on improving the commercial results of Innovation, primarily through his new podcast Invented Again and the related consultancy. He is also a seasoned musician, having toured the globe and recorded on dozens of projects, including his own - Multiplayer.

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Dr Kristian Slack

CEO of innovIQ

Originally from the UK, Kristian is a scientist and engineer by training but has spent the past 25 years as the archetypal non-expert. He has been running innovIQ, a research business, since 2007. The company specialises in determining the competitive landscape and prior art for any idea or invention, whatever the sector, application, market or technology, to provide a sound platform for informed decision-making by inventors, technology companies and investors.

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