Groundswell Presents...Kaitiaki Assessment - Preparing for strength-based futures

Identifying and developing talent for sustainable futures.

What's it all about?

A future-facing organisation does not happen by chance. It requires planning for change early, developing the existing team to harness strengths and hiring talented people that can efficiently adapt and bridge gaps. 

In this session we will introduce you to the Kaitiaki Assessment.

The first personal and professional (career) development tool that leads with Mātauranga Māori and is supported by technology and science to identify skill strengths and improve job matching in highly dynamic labour markets.

This session will help rangatahi (and their whānau) identify the type of Kaitiaki attributes they have and how to best play to their strengths when preparing a CV or looking for a strengths based career. 

Industry professionals will benefit by gleaning insight into rangatahi strengths to match their skills to Job opportunities that fast track their recruitment process and help determine whether a candidate is suitable for a particular role.

Are you a focused Mangopare, positively inspiring Aihe, adaptable and dependable Tuatara or detailed and deep thinking Kiwi?

In this session we will:

Introduce you to the Kaitiaki Assessment — a Matauranga Māori based Talent ID framework supported by digital technology for building a dream team where everyone operates in their strengths based superpowers.

Discover each Kaitiaki’s abilities, and recognise their unique contributions when creating positive change and future based careers. 

Discover your Kaitiaki and use its superpowers to ignite your gift and find a career that best fits you and your working style. 

Learn how to network and connect with industry leaders based on your Kaitiaki Strengths.


This event will be live-streamed and is suitable for all rangatahi (Māori and non-Māori) from year 9 to year 13


This event is funded by the Ministry of Education and attendees will be asked to complete a 60 sec survey (roughly 8 questions) 



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Tuesday 28 Jul
10:00am - 11:00am

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Jimi Roberts

Creative Director

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