Modern world in pest control solutions

We will demonstrate latest technology & products to increase your catch rates in the modern world of pest control.

What's it all about?

Why you should be interested in the latest technologies and non-toxic solutions for pest control?

We will demonstrate about how simple the use of technology can be, how you can increase your catch rates, and how you can improve the chance that pests find your traps - instead waiting for them to pass. We will also demonstrate that technology can be very beneficial to save native trees, $$$ or even volunteers' time.

The humanity of killing can be a very confusing topic, as nothing seems to be the silver bullet. We need tools that work to their best and stop using "bullying" products that don't work the first time or fail because they are used wrongly. Is there a lot of improvement and can we all support that space together? We think we can as long we all do work in one direction.

A further part of the presentation will consider that there are many other products available. What does it takes to make them available for anyone at any time? Ours are plug & play, easy to load and use and are sustainable. We are working towards perfection and need your help. Tell us what you need, and we will try to bring it to you or even make it for you. Here some examples:

Find out how to keep it easy and maintenance-free with latest developments like organic lures that last and do not get mouldy; strong rat snap traps under $10 that kill all 3 types of rats; sustainable, recycled plastic DOC200 stations; and finally the launch of NB-IoT with Vodafone and the MinkPolice system. 

This presentation will add value on all levels of trapping and might support the long-term goal and investment in Predator Free 2050.

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Monday 27 Jul
6:30pm - 7:30pm

Free event
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Heiko Kaiser

Managing Director

Heiko Kaiser, Designed2Kill (D2K Ltd)
Heiko Kaiser is the founder of Alpeco and D2K Ltd, companies that are specialised in latest pest control technology, product development and non-toxic pest control solutions.


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