PhoneSmart - couples therapy for you and your phone

Is your phone bossing you around? Join us and become PhoneSmart!

What's it all about?

Do you feel naked without your phone?

Are you drowning in the flood of emails?

Are phones getting in the way of time with family and friends? 

If so - join us and become PhoneSmart! 

Every year, an average person scrolls the height of Mount Everest on their phone, and spends close to 50 days on it! Many of us pick it up every few minutes and look at the phone the last thing at night, and first thing in the morning.  It’s our only companion that is within arms reach 24/7. 

Technologies like smartphones are great - providing convenience, mobility, constant information access and productivity boost. But let’s face it - they are also highly addictive, distractive, and compromise our work performance and social life. In fact, the applications we use are designed to make us use them as much as possible, as time spent online is the new currency. 

What is PhoneSmart?

This session is an antidote that will help you use your phone in a smart way  - not let it use you!

Don’t expect to sit and listen to us while you scroll through your Instagram feed or check your emails! During this workshop, you can ignore all emails, instant messages, and social media posts. You will participate in a number of hands-on exercises and take the first steps to becoming PhoneSmart. 

Who should attend?

- Office workers wanting to boost their productivity

- Parents who want to change the way the family uses screens

- Students who want to improve efficiency and wellbeing during studies

- Anyone wanting to take back control over their phone and time 

Why attend?

- Improved relationships and communication with people around you

- Less anxiety and stress

- Increased focus and productivity at work

- Help combat social media FOMO (fear of missing out).


PhoneSmart is proudly hosted by the AUT Business School

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Thursday 30 Jul
3:00pm - 4:00pm

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Taino Bendz

Founder of Phone Free Day

Having had enough of us being constantly on our phones Taino founded Phone Free Day in late 2019 and had several hundred people participate in March 2020. Spurred by the positive feedback he continues his mission to change our phone behaviours by being PhoneSmart.

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Dr Lena Waizenegger

Lecturer and Public Speaker

Lena’ s research covers digital disconnection, conversational agents, RPA, and ubiquitous connectivity. Her work has been published in top Journals and featured in renowned outlets such as Forbes, Psychology today and BBC. She is the founder of the Early Career Academics Forum at AUT.

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This event uses an external ticketing provider. You will be redirected to their ticketing system once you click to book.

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