Ride the Next Tech Wave - Special Guests - Global Tech Leaders - In-depth Interviews

Ride The Next Tech Wave:
Wireless Power Transmission (Mon- NZ); Future of VR/AR/MR (Tues - CHINA); Gift of Sight Glasses (Weds - UK); Reimagining Insurance (Thur - Aus); Sending Audio through your Bones (Fri - UK)..plus 3 more

What's it all about?

Ride the Next Tech Wave is back for its second year - we are talking with inspirational people about incredible breakthroughs around the world.

From Monday to Friday we will present different speakers with Simon Small (serial SaaS Entrepreneur and host of Youtube Show and Spotify Podcast "SaaS on the Street") conducting an expert in-depth interview with a Global Tech Leader about their personal and professional journey.

Wireless Power Transmission - Greg Krushnir, Founder/CEO EMROD (NZ) (Mon 27 July 12pm - 2pm); https://www.linkedin.com/in/zvigregkushnir/

Future of VR/AR/MR - Alvin Grayling, China President HTC (China) (Tues 28th July 1:30pm - 3:15pm); https://www.linkedin.com/in/agraylin/

Gift of Sight Glasses - Stan Karpenko, Co-Founder/CTO (UK) (Weds 29th July 7pm - 8.45pm); https://www.linkedin.com/in/stankarpenko/

Reimagining Insurance - Jason Wilby, Co-CEO Open (Aus/NZ) (Thur 30th July 12pm - 1:45pm); https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonwilby/

Putting Voices in Your Head -  Jordan McRae, Founder/CEO MOBILUS Labs (UK) (Fri 31st July 7.30am - 9:15am); https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmcrae23/

LUS 3 more - https://moonshotstudio.lpages.co/ridethenexttechwave2020/

Limited to just 100 free online tickets per event.  Just released at midnight on Sun before Techweek.

Every interview is in two parts: Part 1: (45 minutes) focusses on the person's individual journey; 15 minute break; Part 2: (45 minutes) on the technology journey of the breakthrough that has happened and what lies ahead.

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Monday 27 Jul
12:00pm - 1:45pm

Tuesday 28 Jul
1:30pm - 3:15pm

Wednesday 29 Jul
7:00pm - 8:45pm

Thursday 30 Jul
12:00pm - 1:45pm

Friday 31 Jul
7:30am - 8:45am

Saturday 1 Aug
12:00pm - 1:45pm

Sunday 2 Aug
12:00pm - 1:45pm

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Alvin Grayling

China President, HTC (Vive)

Alvin Grayling is the China President at HTC leading HTC's business in China (including Vive VR); Vice-Chairman of the Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance; President of the $18B Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance; and oversees the Vive X VR Accelerators in Beijing, Shenzhen and Tel Aviv.


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This event uses an external ticketing provider. You will be redirected to their ticketing system once you click to book.

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