Techweek TV: Shifting towards a cashless society - presented by ANZ

What's it all about?

With the increasing shift towards a cashless society how to we manage this and what are the impacts we should consider? How do we ensure we’re taking a holistic view on the products we streamline and the new products we subsequently offer? What are the domino impacts of the shift and how do we do it without cutting out societal groups? What about the tech gap?

Impacts from the recent pandemic showed the need for business to be able to operate using cashless systems – during the various lockdowns, what were the key learnings around how feasible this is? What needs to happen in order for society to become 100% cashless and will there ever be a point where we can survive without cash? E.g. what are other eventualities should we consider on the back of learnings from Covid19?


This Techweek TV session would appeal to industry leaders, tech graduates and emerging app and cloud developers.

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Monday 27 Jul
11:00am - 11:30am

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Anthony Watson

Head of Enterprise - ANZ

With a career spanning the Asia Pacific Region, Anthony’s worked in technology leadership roles across the High Technology, Biotechnology and Banking & Finance sectors, all focused on the dynamics of customer & staff experience. Currently heading up ANZ Technology’s Enterprise Domain in Wellington, when he’s not managing digital experience services & products, cultural transformation or, operations & strategy, you’ll find him brewing beer in his garage or putting meat in his smoker for dinner!

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Shaun Rees

Digital Tribe Leadership

Tribe lead for ANZ’s Digital Team, Shaun has been with ANZ for over twelve years, working across a number of innovation and development based roles for the digital, technology and product teams always with the customer in focus. When he’s not servicing the digital needs of NZ business owners, developing and managing digital solutions for Bankers and Customers to leverage, Shaun can be found outdoors involved in sports, up in the hills, or sharing his economic theories with friends/ family – or anyone happy to listen
He has a Bachelor of Business Studies in Financial Economics from Massey University.

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Jim Boutcher

Senior Fraud Analyst & App development fan

A fraud analyst at ANZ by day and a social entrepreneur by night, Jim gained NZ fame last year for his development of Givahoy - an app and digital giving mechanism that not only provides supporters with a seamless and free spontaneous giving experience, but also enables enlightening analytics for fundraising organisations.
Jim’s since been continuing to further understand the giving sector and is incredibly passionate about revolutionising our payments culture.
Jim has a Bachelor of Law from England’s University of Nottingham and a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Brighton.

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Brian Bonar

Head of Payments, Industry & Risk

With a career spanning a number of payment and regulatory focused organisations across New Zealand, Brian represents ANZ at peak payments industry companies and forums including Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Payments NZ Ltd, SWIFT (Chair, National Member Group) and CLS (Chair, NZD Treasurers Forum). Previously Brian was Chief Executive of the New Zealand Bankers’ Association and General Manager of Interchange and Settlement Ltd. When he’s not wearing his payment hat Brian can be found at the golf course, coaching cricket, playing guitar and spending time with his family across a range of outdoor pursuits, including skiing, tramping, frisbee golf and blow-carting.

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