Smart Resilient Cities

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How might we use innovative data-driven technologies to enhance societal resilience?

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This event is sold out.


The Smart Resilient Cities Cast and Converse series is a share, learn, and networking opportunity to launch conversations about the macro trends and social innovations that are shaping our increasingly digital urban environments.

There are two sessions focussing on Technology for Public Good that we’d love for you to join and cast an idea on:

Session 1.   Networking cities in a changing world: Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics (BDA)

Disasters can be devastating to human life and the environment. Recent advancements in edge computing and high-performance technologies have provided an opportunity to develop applications for disaster resilient smart cities.

How might we use this technology to improve decision-making and lived experiences through major disruptions and emergencies?

 Session 2.   What’s the potential for an Earthquake early-warning (EEW) system in Aotearoa, New Zealand?

Earthquake early-warning (EEW) systems are already in place in other earthquake-prone countries. If Aotearoa New Zealand developed an EEW system, rather than charging ahead with technology what are the social implications and ethical frameworks we need to consider?

How do we design a socio-technical system with people, as our end users, in mind?

How the cast and converse series will work:

1-   Register for one or two of the sessions

2-   Send us an email about the idea you’d like to share. If you’re unsure, then let us know and we can help. If you’d rather listen to other speakers, then that’s OK too, send us an email with how you would like to participate.

3-   For our Speakers: come along to the session prepared to present on your idea for up to three minutes in a lightning round style

4-   Following the presentations there will be a facilitated open conversation on the topic to build on ideas and create connections between participants

Registrations for this event are currently closed. Please contact us at if you need any further information.

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Session 2:


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Tuesday 28th

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Tuesday 28 Jul
10:00am - 12:00pm

Thursday 30 Jul
10:00am - 12:00pm

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Dr Raj Prasanna

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Raj Prasanna is an expert in Technology and Systems for supporting Emergency Management.

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