Will machines replace humans in the future of work?

Join Dave Heatley from the New Zealand Productivity Commission to learn about technological change and the future of work.

What's it all about?

Artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles and workplace automation. Do they herald a new age of productivity, prosperity and leisure? Or a dystopian nightmare of unemployment and economic inequality? The Productivity Commission spent more than a year investigating. Join this webinar to hear what they found out.

Dave will explain that fears over the automation of jobs have recurred many times over the past two centuries. History shows that new tech both destroys and creates jobs. Over time job creation exceeds destruction, and increased tech adoption increases incomes and prosperity. But might this time be different, as many have argued?

Demand for specific skills can go up and down in ways not easily predicted, making some workers hot property while others may face unemployment. There are some things the New Zealand Government could do to help people navigate career and job changes. But people’s own choices matter too.

Dave will offer his thoughts on the skills and careers that might be more secure and better rewarded in the future.

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Thursday 30 Jul
3:00pm - 4:00pm

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Dave Heatley

Principal Advisor

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