Trimming the mainsail in cross-functional teams

How speaking a common language helps cross-functional teams sustain their course

What's it all about?

Many organisations are moving to cross-functional teams as a more efficient way of working. However, organisational change also presents challenges.

Today technical experts are working more closely with experts in other disciplines than ever before. Communicating in the same way as with their technical colleagues doesn't work. These new teammates don't talk tech and have little understanding of how the technical world works. So they rely on the technical expert in the team to translate complex technical information into everyday language. 

It was the experience of sailing a small yacht from New Zealand back to Ireland with her husband that gave rise to the idea of Wires Uncrossed. It took great communication and teamwork between her CTO husband Myles and herself, a communications expert, which meant learning to speak a common language. Eithne draws on this experience and her natural gift for storytelling, to explain the common communication issues faced by cross-functional teams, and how experts of all disciplines can help to overcome them.

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Thursday 30 Jul
10:00am - 11:00am

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Eithne Sweeney

Managing Director

Eithne is the Managing Director and co-founder of Wires Uncrossed, a business dedicated to helping technical teams connect.

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