Unlocking the circular economy with technology

Join Circularity and friends to understand more about the role technology can play in unlocking the circular economy.

What's it all about?

How can technology become an enabler rather than a contributor to the linear system of take-make-waste?

Faced with chronic pollution, waste, diminishing returns, and unhealthy outcomes, people are looking for a new vision for an economy that works – both now and in the future.

The potential answer could be the Circular Economy. A compelling, prosperous business model that guides our decisions to manage resources and achieve value creation without environmental degradation.

With a $4.5 trillion circular economy growth opportunity at stake, organisations globally are harnessing innovation and disruptive technologies to reduce waste, emissions and the use of harmful materials, and maximise the value of products and services to improve competitiveness.

There has never been a better time to explore the circular economy advantage. The organisations we work with, see this as the new narrative for innovation and progress. One that decouples growth from environmental degradation by designing in the circular flow of materials to eliminate waste and the regeneration of our natural resources. The rise of consumer expectations of businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable/circular practices across their supply chains has never been more demanded. COVID 19 has elevated the expectations from finance institutions, government and procurement contractors to deliver more than business as usual. There is no time to waste.

Join us to hear how we are advancing the circular economy in New Zealand and the role you could play in this brave new world.

You should be present for the whole duration of this event.


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Toby Skilton


Mutu is a rental marketplace app that allows Kiwis to rent & lend almost anything with people in their communities.

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Peter Thompson


Peter will be sharing how his business - The Formary uses technology to tackle textile waste.

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Dugald Hamilton


Dugald will be sharing the nature-based technology that he has developed to radically improve soil health around the world

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Dr Florain Turk


(Video presentation) Re-imagining a circular carbon economy: solving our biggest carbonaceous waste recycling challenges (all plastics, fiber reinforced composites, rubber/plastic composites, tires, rubbers), while providing critical and scarce materials

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Louise Nash


Louise Nash - Environmental Strategist //Business Designer // Facilitator // Founder of Circularity and XLabs -New Zealand's first circular economy lab.


Unlocking the circular economy with technology
Louise Nash - founder of Circularity and XLabs, New Zealand's first circular economy lab
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