How using open innovation labs helps drive change

How Red Hat helped ANZ NZ use open innovation labs to help drive change

What's it all about?

In complex organisations, a cloud-first strategy doesn't eliminate managing existing servers, network infrastructure, and security controls. Multiple IT business processes - patching and provisioning servers, provisioning IPs, subnets, or firewall rules - still require a manual governance process around the technical work. Automating these processes entirely depends on tools, business process and behaviour change, which is not easy. Red Hat Ansible Tower can automate processes such as change control, CRM updates, operational steps, and conditional rollback-and-exit governance, but there's a deeper challenge. The ops teams must change from humans servicing requests, to developers writing automation that services request. The ops teams also need to negotiate agreements with multiple teams to make this change.

In this breakout session, ANZ NZ and the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs team will share a case study that helped one of the the ANZ operational teams reinvent themselves as an agile DevOps and SRE team. Covering the gamut from engineering, architecture, and solution design, to jump-starting modern code practices, CI, and automated testing, this allowed the team to reshape the cost model of "keeping the lights on." Along the way, the ops team became an internal automation consultancy.


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Friday 31 Jul
12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Dave Wasley

NZ Technology Platform Manager

With a raft of experience in Agile Methodologies, DevOps, E-commerce, Business Strategy, Infrastructure, Database Platforms and Business Analysis, Dave is part of the dedicated Technology team within ANZ and led the first Residency Lab in NZ with Redhat

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Dr Arash Dadras

Digital Transformation & Innovation Director

With years of experience and academic research in re-architecturing & transforming organisations to digital business, Arash leads the Red Hat Open innovation lab & architect practice in Oz & NZ, helping organisations to create high performing DevOps & SRE teams to drive innovation and high growth.

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