What is process mining (and how your organisation can use it)

The most 'business-changing' 60 minutes at Techweek2020; Process Mining enables organisational improvement like you've never seen before.

What's it all about?

Process Mining is a new and evolving data-driven innovation in Business Process Improvement. Gartner, Harvard Business Review and numerous others are citing it as an exciting, new, transformational business technology. 

Auckland based start-up, Arkturus has developed unique technology in this space (typical Kiwi; doing it better and smarter, for less).  It is aiming to make process mining more accessible and cost effective for Australasian companies - while simultaneously creating the platform for organisations to start building a complete Enterprise Digital Twin of their operation.  

The event will introduce you to exactly what process mining is. Then take you through Arkturus Way - a proven methodology to deliver the business improvement outcomes you're looking for, irrespective of the systems and tools you use. 

Arkturus will also introduce you to popular user cases where process mining can be applied to kick-start a business process improvement journey. 

What Arkturus does is largely unknown within New Zealand - as an emerging company in an emerging field - yet it is literally saving millions each year for the companies it works with.  This event will be Arkturus's first opportunity to showcase its solution (and passion) to a larger audience. 

The workshop will appeal to COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, data scientists, data analysts, change managers, ERP systems and Robotic Process Automation consultants and anyone else concerned about improving a large organisations complex processes. 

All attendees are entered in the draw for an Arkturus Starter Pack valued at $24K. 

You should be present for the whole duration of this event.


Tuesday 28 Jul
11:00am - 12:00pm

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Dr Athena Wu

Chief Product Officer and Analytics Director

Athena designed Arkturus' Process Mining foundation and is responsible for overall product design. She holds a PhD in Engineering Science with a background in operations research and mathematical modelling - specialising in Big Data. She's worked in banking, energy, telco, technology and consulting.

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Mike Morrow

Consulting Director

Mike has over 20 years experience in process improvement, business transformation and change management across a variety of industries. Mike brings firsthand knowledge and experience to help organisations improve their operational efficiency and customer experience through process improvement.

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James Pan


James has over 25 years experience in  enterprise level software and integration for corporate enterprises and government organisations - most recently as CIO of a large IT services company. He leads the Arkturus team drawing on his technical knowledge and broad base of business skills.

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