A monitoring transformation journey to delivering a better customer experience

How did ANZ transform their IT Monitoring into a 1st-class citizen to drive better outcomes and deliver an improved customer experience?

What's it all about?

How did ANZ Bank transform their IT Monitoring into a first-class citizen? Join us for this monitoring tale where Marek will share how his team enabled improved IT Operations, faster software release cycles, and drove better business outcomes with enhanced insights leading to increased efficiencies and improved customer experience. 

ANZ's Marek Matuszewski will provide insight into how ANZ achieved their monitoring transformation, the associated benefits across both IT Operations and Business, along with reflections on how challenges were overcome and the road ahead as the journey continues.

If you're keen on learning more about transforming your customer experience with improved monitoring, this is a session you'll want to be at.

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Thursday 30 Jul
1:00pm - 2:00pm

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Marek Matuszewski

NZ Ops Tools & Services Lead

Customer focused and results driven technologist, Marek is committed to delivering solutions that exceed customer expectations. Passionate about sharing ANZ’s monitoring journey with the wider tech industry - Marek is looking forward to sharing the successes & lessons learnt during TechWeek.

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